Enjoy the unique atmosphere of our house and celebrate your birthday, anniversary or wedding with us – like so many of our other guests have done before!

In December 2001, Bettina and Peter were the first couple to get married at "ban Kneissl’s"!

Svenja and Winnie got married in July 2003 – and we felt truly honoured that they chose us to be their marriage witnesses!

In June 2009, Sandra and Franzi celebrated a romantic and unconventional wedding up at Larstigalm mountain hut.

During their ninth stay in the Ötztal valley, Yvonne and Jens spontaneously decided to get married here. What a surprise! On 15 July 2011, they entered the bond of marriage in the beautifully appointed and historic register office of Umhausen. I want to say thank you for the many years of loyalty and for choosing me as your marriage witness!

We surprised Yvonne and Jens with a burning heart of fire made up of fifty torches we lit on the mountain just behind our house.

In July 2009, Erika and Helmut celebrated their 33rd wedding anniversary with us in beautiful Niederthai.

In July 2009, Martina and Andreas celebrated their 28th wedding anniversary at "ban Kneissl’s".

Almost every year, Traudl celebrates her birthday with us; in August 2008, she even celebrated her 70th birthday here.

André on his 13th birthday in July 2009

In July 2009, Marlies and Dieter celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary in Niederthai. And for her 65th birthday, Marlies even came with her whole family to celebrate.

Many years ago, Doris and Holger celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary here in Niederthai. And they also spent Doris’ 50th birthday, as well as Holger's 50th and 60th birthday with us. This year, they celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary with us! We thank you for giving us the honour of celebrating all these special occasions with you!!

Michel celebrated his 49th and 53rd birthday with us.

André has celebrated many of his birthdays here with us. In this great shot he turned 13.

Also Armin celebrated his birthday here, but he decided to keep his age a secret.

Also Jan has celebrated his many of his birthdays here in Niederthai. In this shot he turned 14.

In 2011, Tanny and Henry stayed here with their children, in-laws and grandchildren to celebrate their golden wedding anniversary.

In May 2012, Petra and Arno decided to escape from it all and to celebrate their silver wedding anniversary here in Niederthai.

In July 2012, the Kilz family had their golden wedding anniversary while staying with us in Niederthai. Fortunately, their son had informed us just in time to help us make their special day even more special!

Claudia celebrated her 50th birthday with us in Niederthai – and she still looks as young as she did 13 years ago when we first met her!

Klaus and Christine celebrating his 45th birthday with us

For his 60th birthday, Roland wanted to escape from it all and decided to celebrate this special day in Niederthai.

… nun macht es Sohn Oliver seinen Eltern nach und feiert ebenfalls seinen Ehrentag "ban Kneissl's"

Familie Reisch – längst schon unsere ganz besonders liebgewonnenen Freunde – hat dieses Mal ihren 14. Hochzeitstag bei uns gefeiert!
Wir haben euch sehr lieb und wünschen noch unzählig viele und glückliche, gemeinsame Jahre!!!

Herr Rempp und seine Gattin gaben sich ein Stell-dich-ein, um seinen 60-sten Geburtstag bei uns zu feiern; und wurden dann von deren Kindern überrascht!

Peggy feierte nicht zum ersten Mal ihren Geburtstag bei uns, wohl aber ihr Schwager Marcel!
Euch beiden nochmals unsere herzlichsten Glückwünsche!!!

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